1995 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo

News: 6/26/2002
This car has been SOLD. THe pages are remaining online as points of interest for the 300zx community

CARFAX report is available here.

Purchased: Summer, 2000
Location: Boston, MA
Miles: 54,000
Standard Equipment
Bose stereo
Allwheel steering
Climate control
Selectable suspension
Leather interior
Stillen cat-back exhaust
Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
Jim Wolfe High-flow intake
NGK plugs
5 spoke Konig wheels
RPS Turbo clutch
stainless brake lines,
Stillen metal-matrix brake pads,

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12/06/2000 UPDATE! Back from Rich's Cartunes, and here are the new interior shots
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  • (1)NMO Antenna mount
    I'm an avid Ham radio operator, and wanted to not only use my Ham rig on the road, but also use CB when I'm convoying with folks using CB. The NMO style mount allows me to switch antennas as needed. Rich installed the antenna in the rear deck, and routed the wires through one of the two hinge conduits.
  • (2)The new interior
    Most of the work was done on teh interior. There is a Panasonic head unit, EMPEG player from www.empeg.com, Bel radar detector, new boost gauge, and of course, the Stillen center console. A word of warning. DO NOT use the Stillen center console unit unless you're prepared to pretty much rebuild it from scratch as we had to do. The unit is ABSOLUTE CRAP. The -only- reason it looks this good is because of the skill of Rich's technicians, and they honestly spent 40 some odd hours reshaping, repainting, and recovering it.
  • (3)Antenna switch
    This is the switch that changes the antenna feed line to the back deck from the 'hidden' Cobra CB to a spare jack, which currently has a wire to my Ham radio.
  • (4)Door detail
    The Focal speakers mounted right behind the Bose grills, and we mounted the tweeter components high up on the door. In retrospect, the proper place for these should have been in the small triangular area just next tot he external mirror, (since as it is now, the tweeter plays right into the side of the dash on the drivers side), but I'm not going to replace an entire door panel just for that. :)
  • (5)Center console closeup
    The amount of work that went into this console was staggering, and a credit to Rich's work. First, the Stillen dash console, up top, was absolute crap, and basically ahd to be rebuilt from scratch. The 'quality' of the unit from them was verging on criminal. Mounted in the console is the new boost gauge, the Bel remote radar detector, and the turbo timer. In the 2 DIN sockets, the Panasonic and the Empeg player are mounted. These DIN sockets are also totally new, as the old shape wouldn't allow that much equipment behind the dash. Rich's built a new cage, and manufactured several aluminum pieces to hold the units in place. The units now don't even twitch on even the bumpiest rides. All the way at the bottom on the right you can see the controller for the subwoofer. It's a backlit popout button.
    Of all the things done, the choice of the Panasonic as the head unit is the only thing that gives me pause. It is out of place in the flat-black interior, and at night this thing _GLOWS_ like spent reactor fuel. I'm going to tinker with its settings to see if we can get it to calm down a bit, but I think the next set of changes to the car will have us replacing that head unit with something a little more subtle.
  • (6)View from the Rear hatch
    Most of the new componentry is visible here. In the center is he a/d/s amp, which took up the entire tray space. To the left of the trunk space is the subwoofer, which is a beautiful piece of workmanship. One important thing to note here is the little box up at the top (front) of the rear window. That's the rear laser detector for the Bel radar unit.
  • (7)Another view of the trunk
    Another view of the trunk space. The Bose grill covers are still there, but are slightly sun-faded now, but underneath them are Boston Acoustic CX-4's, rather than the old clunky Bose speakers.
  • (8)The new front look
    This is how the new console looks from the outside. The shaping is marvelous considering what Rich's had to work with when they got it. They matched the dashboard vinyl perfectly. One thing to note - up under the sun shade is a light colored box - that's my Mass Turnpike Fastpass, but just the left (passenger side) of it is the forward-facing laser detector for the Bel. The radar component is just to the right of the license plate.
  • (9)The breaker
    The amp is driven right off the battery, and therefore needed its own 80amp breaker under the hood.

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