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Dave Shevett

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Operating Systems

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS), Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Solaris, SunOS

Languages and Tools

PHP (Database, graphics, and security), Java (Webstart, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, Swing, Struts, Spring), shell (sh, ksh, bash), JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, MySQL, Postgres, Wordpress, Wiki tools (Mediawiki, pmwiki, Confluence), Docker, VMware ESX, Puppet, Jira, GIT, Jenkins, Terraform, Chef, Amazon AWS, Azure, New Relic, Splunk, Grafana, Cortex

Adobe Systems
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
(August, 2016 to Present)
Newton, MA

Member of a global technical operations team supporting deployment and maintenance of approximately 5000 hosts across multiple geos and environments. SRE activities include customer environment provisioning and standup, troubleshooting, on-call activities, trouble ticket triaging and processing, and basic administration activities across all hosts. Built several internal tools to help manage activity within the group (such as SRE activity metrics and workflow optimization), wrote large amounts of documentation including architecture, howtos, etc. Environment consists primarily of Debian hosts deployed in OpenVZ containers, or on AWS instances. Application stack consists of Apache, nginx, Tomcat, Java, Python, and Postgres.

Later moved into a senior SRE role supporting the Adobe Stock application stack initially hosted in a physical datacenter, and worked a full migration to AWS, decommissioning the datacenter. Scaled up Terraform tools to fully instrument the environment including Aurora, autoscaled groups, VPC and network level tooling, IAM roles, S3 management, and other services. Played a key role in upscaling Jenkins services for managing the application build pipeline and configuration updates based on triggers and hooks. Reworked entire logging path to migrate to Splunk. Helped solidify our monitoring and alerting systems, all configured via terraform.

Curriculum Associates, Inc
Senior Operations Engineer
(December, 2012 to August, 2016)
N Billerica, MA

Designed, built, and scaled out an AWS hosted environment to service the i-Ready application to millions of public school children around the US. Supported all development, testing, QA, and infrastructure services for the entire product pipeline. Tool use included large parts of the AWS toolsuite (RDS, Route53, EC2, IAM, S3, ElastiCache, ELB, CloudWatch, etc). Deployed tools included Jenkins, Puppet, Tomcat, AppDynamics, Splunk, and others.

Zero Turnaround
Continuous Delivery Tech Advocate
(February, 2012 to September, 2012)
Boston, MA

Functioning as the Voice of Continuous Delivery Architecture for ZeroTurnaround's LiveRebel product line. Primarily working with the development and support teams to make sure LiveRebel is meeting the industry needs, while also doing webinars, demos, and talks on Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery topics.
Also responsible for keeping up with current technology trends and making sure ZeroTurnarounds' products reflect industry changes.

CBS Interactive, Inc
Senior System Administrator
(June, 2011 to February, 2012)
Somerville, MA

Senior sysadmin for the online division of CBS (CBSI). Responsible for high availability media and content sites spread over several geographically diverse datacenters. Managed internal tasks, deployment projects, and tool management.
Was tech lead for evaluating and planning revamping the VMware infrastructure, including research, planning, support contracts, and documentation. Developed a multi-step project plan to bring 13+ disparate VMware clusters together in a new hosting facility, and migrate all existing customers.

Livewire Mobile, Inc
Senior Software Engineer / Senior Operations Technical Lead
(August, 2008 to June, 2011)
Littleton, MA

(July 2009 to May, 2011)
Senior Operations Technical Lead responsible for project specification, planning and implementation within a 300+ server, multiple-data center environment. Various projects included:

(August 2008-July 2009)
Senior Java and Perl developer. Involved maintenance, debugging, and coding against an existing LAMP infrastructure. Application used heavy Perl OOP / Module methodology, mod-perl, Apache load balancing, and MySQL optimization.

Arete, Inc
Platform Architect (Consulting)
(January, 2005 to August, 2008)
Pennington, NJ

Researched, designed, documented, implemented, and deployed an end to end redesign of an existing legacy application. Was primarily responsible for evaluation and selection of all technologies to be used, as well as writing and implementing test and example code. Built out internal infrastructure to support the new product using Suse Linux, Apache, JBoss, SVN, Ant, and custom written continuous integration tools.

Intuit, Inc.
Senior Unix Administrator
(July, 2002 to March, 2004)
Waltham, MA

Senior Unix Administrator for the QBN Platform, the back end service providing connectivity for Quickbooks Desktop clients to online services such as credit card transactions, online billing, invoicing, and broker transactions. Responsibilities include maintenance and development of high availibility Solaris clusters in several parallel development / testing / production environments, security overview and monitoring, and working with the network operations center on monitoring and procedures.

Also provided support and management for release engineering of products, ushering application through development, testing, and deployment into the environments.

Amaroq Systems, Inc.
Director of Network Engineering
(April, 2001 to January, 2002)
Raynham, MA

Responsible for all network operations for a wireless telemetry gathering system. Data integrity and security from endpoint to database server was required, as was security on the webservers for client access. System and datapath redundancy, fault tolerance, and maintainability were prime design considerations. Maintainability through well defined processes, documentation, and open communication were critical. Dependence on a single vendor was avoided at wherever possible, using opensource software for all network functions.
In addition, was primary developer for all website activity, including database front end operations for querying and updating the device data, corporate website operations for dynamic content generation, and report generation on network activity. All website scripting done in PHP.

White Pajamas, Inc.
Tech lead - CRM Division
(April, 2000 to March, 2001)
Bolton, MA

Responsible for adaptation of the Keystone system into the WhitePajamas CRM Application. Did architecture work designing new API's and functions, coded new database interfaces in Perl and PHP to Oracle back end (while retaining portability across other databases), as well as coordinated programmers within the CRM group with other engineering and design teams. Programming environment was development on localized FreeBSD systems against a MySQL database, for rollout on HP/UX servers utilitizing Oracle.

Wildfire Communications, Inc
IT Director
(October, 1997 to November, 1999)
Lexington, MA

IT Director for 5 person Internal Services department supporting 70 users on approximately 60 Windows NT and Windows95 clients, and approximately 40 Unixware systems, all running on Intel-based hardware platforms. Maintained all aspects of corporate infrastructure, including mail systems, Notes servers, webservers, firewall, VPN, dialups, and physical site access (cardkey systems).
Hardware platforms ranged across Compaq Proliant and Prolinea servers (3000, 4000, 6000, 6500), mixed Intel hardware, Cisco 2100 and 3600 routers, and Acacia network switches.

Fidelity Investments - Systems Company
Firewall Architect (Contractor)
(September, 1996 to October, 1997)
Boston, MA

Member of the Internet Firewalls Systems Architecture group to continue development of Fidelity's 45+ system firewall. Projects consisted of setting up secure intranet services (POP, IMAP, HTTP, NTP, etc), as well as maintaining and developing new procedures and applications within the Firewall. This firewall maintained Internet connectivity for all 25,000+ employees at Fidelity, plus tens of thousands of Internet users running applications through the Firewall.

Fidelity Investments - FIRSCO
System Administrator (Contractor)
(July, 1995 to September, 1996)
Marlborough, MA

System and network administration of Sun servers and workstations in a high availability environment, including writing, documenting, installing, and training current staff on new administrative utilities and processes. User environment was 300 developers, 40 support and management personnel, and 2000+ phone reps.

UniPress Software Inc
Systems Administrator
(August, 1992 to December 1994)
Edison, New Jersey

System Administrator of Sun 3/50, 3/60, 3/160, SS330, IPX, IPC, SS2, and Classic. DEC Alpha 5000/300, DS3100, DS5000, and DS2100. SGI Indy, Indigo Elan, and 4d's. Various Sony, HP, Data General and Oki Unix workstations. HDS, NCR and Sun X terminals driven via xdmcp. Software services on a TCP/IP network, using NIS, NFS, X, and DNS services for 40-60 users. Responsibilities included maintaining an Internet connection, designing, constructing, implementing, and documenting a Firewall using TIS toolkit, Tripwire, and various filter tools. Implemented very early Web services using NCSA HTTPD on the Alpha (A system still in place today). Basic system services such as network printers, routers, and terminal servers. Daily functions included backups, answering user questions, and evaluating network performance.

Previous Experience (1983-1990)

Mercer County Community College Faculty adjunct and support staff
Accountable Software, Inc Database Application Programmer
Engineering Information, Inc Online services developer
Dupli-Fax, Inc PC Support Specialist
New Jersey Governors Office Data Processing Coordinator
Microcon Computer and Software Technical Support



Mercer County Community College
Computer Science program
1989 through 1991

Rochester Institute of Technology
Computer Science Major with emphasis on operating systems software.
1982 through 1983