"Just the facts, ma'am..."

	Name:                 Dave Belfer-Shevett
	Date of Birth:        September 8th, 1964
	Height:               6 foot 6 inches
	Weight:               220 lbs.
	Hair:                 Dark brown
	Eyes:                 Hazel
	Shoe size:            12
	Place of Residence:   Bolton, Massachusetts
	Marital Status:       Blissfully married
	Handedness:           Right
	Favorite color:       Deep blue
	Personality:          INTJ
Dave and Cat in Newton, MA 1995 Cat on the beach in the British Virgin Islands, 1996
Dave in Highland Park, NJ, 1993 Cat and Ms. Sharra in North Brunswick, NJ, 1994
Dave at Unipress Software, Edison, NJ, 1992 Dave, Zach, and Dave's father Bob in Rye, NY, 1999
Me with Zach in the BVIs - Feb, 2000 Everyone on the beach! Also in the BVI's, Feb, 2000

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